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Horde : loops back to login page

mysql mysql> use horde; mysql> drop table horde_sessionhandler; mysql> CREATE TABLE horde_sessionhandler ( session_id VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL, session_lastmodified INT NOT… Continue reading »

Importing and Exporting Email in Horde

Exporting Your Emails from Horde In the navigation menu at left click on your general “mail” folder (which should contain… Continue reading »

Warning: fopen(/var/cpanel/horde/log/horde_0.log) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/lib/php/Log/file.php on line 216

I got the following error from the horde interface in cpanel. Warning: fopen(/var/cpanel/horde/log/horde_0.log) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied… Continue reading »

Problem logging in to Horde

If you face an issue where while logging to webmail client Horde, even after entering correct login details you get… Continue reading »

Not able to login to Horde?

Many times it happens that horde wont allow user to login to webmail. Try following command to fix the issue… Continue reading »

How to Enable html view for horde?

Login to shell using root user and follow the following steps to enable HTML view of horde webmail. root@server[~]# vi… Continue reading »

error: Horde Webmail “User xxx is not authorised for xxx”

Do the following steps in the server: cd /var/lib/mysql mysqldump horde > horde.sql mysqladmin drop horde /scripts/fullhordereset mysqlcheck -r -o… Continue reading »

Horde login issue

Check the status of directory root# stat /var/cpanel/userhomes/cpanelhorde/sessions Make the directory structure, if it is missing: root# mkdir -pv /var/cpanel/userhomes/cpanelhorde/sessions… Continue reading »