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pop3-login: Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded

One of our client reported that he was getting connection refused when ever trying to get connected to server via… Continue reading »

Cpanal – Mail not receiving error R=central_filter T=**bypassed**

Here is what I was getting in error logs . S=789 2009-04-11 14:20:00 1LsikC-00037z-NP => /dev/null R=central_filter T=**bypassed**… Continue reading »

Invalid maildirsize file cPanel

When trying to modify quota of an email account, you may get the error like “Invalid maildirsize file” Solution: – Run… Continue reading »

Difference between POP and IMAP

POP *POP stands for Post Office Protocol. POP is a standard client/server protocol for sending and receiving mail *Emails needs… Continue reading »

How to create an email account from backend?

a) Add an entry for the new account to the /home/USER/etc/DOMAIN/passwd file. b) Add the password for the new account… Continue reading »

Steps to increase the email sent limit for the particular domian.

vi /var/cpanel/maxemailsperdomain/ is the domain for increasing the number of mails. Once you enter the no. as unlimited or… Continue reading »

Forwarding all mails from a domain to a Specific Email ID

Add the code below at the end of “/etc/system_filter.exim” to send a copy of all mails from to… Continue reading »

Issue with cPanel not listing email accounts

In these cases cd /home/user/.cpanel Remove the following files in it rm -rf email_accounts.cache email_accounts_count email_accounts.yaml email_accounts.yaml.lock Login to cPanel… Continue reading »

Scan Outgoing Mail for Spam

You can enable SpamAssassin to scan outgoing mail. To do so, you will need to use Exim’s Advanced Configuration Editor…. Continue reading »

unable to connect to sophie UNIX socket (/var/run/sophie). errno=2

Got the following error while trying to send mails from the server using php mailing script. 2012-10-22 18:07:36 [24154] 1TQQAD-0006Ha-TN… Continue reading »