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/bin/ls: cannot access /tmp/cpdf_img_VTWbRx: Input/output error

Got the following error while trying to clear or see tmp files. ll /tmp/ /bin/ls: cannot access /tmp/cpdf_img_VTWbRx: Input/output error… Continue reading »

How to secure tmp partition

We need to secure our /tmp partition since hackersare exploiting the /tmp directory to execute files For cPanel users,there is… Continue reading »

How to increased /tmp space on live server

Use the following steps to increase the size of /tmp First you need to stop Mysql in server /etc/init.d/mysql stop… Continue reading »

How to increase /tmp size in dedicated server with cpanel

cp -ar /scripts/securetmp /scripts/securetmpbak Edit In a cpanel server edit  /scripts/securetmp and give “my $tmpdsksize = 4096000;” and then run… Continue reading »

Clear /tmp when a particular user is occupying files

When /tmp is full and we cant find a specific pattern to delete the files and when a specific user… Continue reading »

tmp showing 100% even after removing file!!!

Run the following command from /tmp. lsof +aL1 /tmp | awk ‘{print $2}’ | xargs kill -9