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Document Root outside public_html for addon/sub domains

When adding an Addon OR Sub domain, the default DocumentRoot on cPanel servers is /home/user/public_html/ What if you want to… Continue reading »

how to check srv record has been added correctly

You can use nslookup command to find the SRV record. $ nslookup > set type=srv > Another method host… Continue reading »

SRV record set up

An SRV record should be in the format TTL class SRV priority weight port target service: the symbolic name… Continue reading »

Set SPF & TXT records in cpanel server (both server wide and domain wide)

In a cpanel server it is possible to set spf records and TXT records for both server wide and for… Continue reading »

How to terminate all reseller’s accounts but leave DNS on server?

First grab a list of all the accounts and put that list into a file called /root/acctlist: grep -v ‘root|#’… Continue reading »

Add spf/domain key to a user

This can be done using these simple commands. /usr/local/cpanel/bin/spf_installer user_name /usr/local/cpanel/bin/domain_keys_installer user_name pointing to another site in the server but working fine

I faced the following issue on my domains in a server. pointing to another site in the server but… Continue reading »

Missing HOST Config Line in /etc/wwwacct.conf, please reconfigure with Edit Setup.

Getting the below error while trying to create an account using in cpanel server using WHM >> Create Account Missing… Continue reading »

How to switch my primary domain name with my addon domain?

Let’s say that you have one hosting account and two domain names used for two different websites – and… Continue reading »

Domain Comparison: Parked vs Addon Domains

The main differences between parked and addon domains: * Parked domain pros: – free; you can park as many domains… Continue reading »