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Blank page for edit.php

I get a blank page on /wp-admin/edit.php after change the number of post to display. Tried several fixes like disabling… Continue reading »

WordPress database error Can’t create/write to file ‘/tmp/#sql_6cde_0.MYD’

Got the following error while trying to load a wordpress site. [Sun Dec 23 07:11:21 2012] [error] [client] WordPress… Continue reading »

WordPress wp_option redirect to temp url

1) In your cPanel, go to PhpMyAdmin. Click on your database (Fantastico will save it as “username_ wrdp1? or something… Continue reading »

Transfer wordpress blog to another server

Follow the below steps to transfer the wordpress domain to another server. Do the following from the current server :… Continue reading »

WordPress preventing you from password protecting a directory?

You wish to password protect a subdirectory using the cPanel icon (or a .htpasswd file), but you have WordPress installed… Continue reading »

How to remove all Posts from WordPress safely

If you want to remove all the posts from a wordpress then you can do it in few simple steps…. Continue reading »

Change WordPress Site URL from Shell

You can change the site URL of a wordpress site without the admin login. Here we are changing to… Continue reading »

Find the wordpress theme from database

select * from wp_options where `option_name` = ‘siteurl’; select * from wp_options where `option_name` = ‘home’; SELECT * FROM `wp_options`… Continue reading »

WordPress Permalink shows blankpage

Solution : Open    wp-admin/includes/misc.php  and change the line in RED as indicated below function got_mod_rewrite() { //$got_rewrite = apache_mod_loaded(‘mod_rewrite’, true);… Continue reading »

How to disable all WordPress plugins directly from the database?

You can easily disable all WordPress plugins directly from your database. This is useful when you have some problems with… Continue reading »