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bulk cpanel password reset.

One of our clients requested a bulk cpanel password request for all the accounts in his dedicated server. In such… Continue reading »

Change password of users in mediawiki

You can change the password of the user in mediawiki using the following steps. Make sure the file “changePassword.php” is… Continue reading »

WordPress preventing you from password protecting a directory?

You wish to password protect a subdirectory using the cPanel icon (or a .htpasswd file), but you have WordPress installed… Continue reading »

Protect my folder with password in cPanel

To protect the folder on the web with password, please follow the steps :- 1) Login to cPanel. 2) Click… Continue reading »

Setup Password protect Directory via shell

1. Create a file name .htaccess in the folder that you want to password protect with the content below. AuthType… Continue reading »

“Manage another account” dropdown box disappearing in cPanel

When going into cPanel (logged in with the main reseller account), we can see the ” Manage another account” dropdown… Continue reading »