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How To Add Private IP in OpenVZ VPS

First we need to configure a private IP and its route in VPS Node and ensure that private network is… Continue reading »

ip_conntrack: table full, dropping packet

I got the error “ip_conntrack: table full, dropping packet” in my message log. This is because the conntrack database doesn’t… Continue reading »

Adding secondary IPs to centos server

Adding secondary IPs to centos server ———————————— This is super simple, just create a new interface file with a colon… Continue reading »

Reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for x.x.x.x failed – POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT!

While connecting to a host using SSH it does a series of analysis to ensure you are connecting to the… Continue reading »

Awstat Logging a single IP on Nginx Server

When you see awstat logging a Single IP for any domains in a Nginx Server, note that Nginx is configured… Continue reading »

Nameserver IP’s Missing in WHM?

Some time’s it happens that when you try to access the name-server IP’s from  WHM >> Main >> DNS Functions… Continue reading »

How to restrict root access to server using IP address

vi /etc/security/access.conf Scroll down to bottom and add ———————— -:root:ALL EXCEPT   IP_ADDRESS 1      IP_ADDRESS2 ———————– You can also try :… Continue reading »

How to block certain IP address from accessing your website

To block certain IP address from accessing your website, just create a file with name “.htaccess” at your root directory… Continue reading »

Firewall and connection requirements for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

To establish a connection when the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server is behind a firewall, verify the following information: On the firewall,… Continue reading »

Error: system has run out of available ip addresses, or you do not have permission to use any more ip addresses

When this error occurs, do the following: solution: backed up and deleted /var/cpanel/dips/root, and the root user will be now… Continue reading »