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HAProxy setup for mysql load balancing

Available Servers —————– HAProxy: mysql1 : mysql2 : Before setup, make sure that mysql servers are working… Continue reading »

Your server does not have Image::Magick installed, or Image::Magick requires another module that is not installed.

I have installed MT blog and when doing the initial check, I got the following error “your server does not… Continue reading »

error while loading shared libraries:

Got the following error while trying to check the version of ImageMagick convert -v convert: error while loading shared libraries:… Continue reading »

Install imagemagick in cpanel server

Please do the following steps for installing imagemagick in cpanel server You can install imagemagick using the script /scripts/installimagemagick If… Continue reading »

Netpbm pnmscale install

NetPBM, ImageMagick and GD are softwares that are used create, edit, compose images file such as jpeg, jpg, gif, bitmap… Continue reading »