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Spamassassin not showing in cpanel

I checked the cpanel accounts in  a server and could see that the spamassassin is not showing in it. Fix:… Continue reading »

Some Details About SpamAssasin

How to check whether SA is enabled for a user ? Check whether the file /home/user/.spamassasinenable is exist or not,… Continue reading »

Scan Outgoing Mail for Spam

You can enable SpamAssassin to scan outgoing mail. To do so, you will need to use Exim’s Advanced Configuration Editor…. Continue reading »

Spamassassin fills disc with bayes_toks.expire* files

This is being caused because the Bayes auto-expire takes too long to run and is being killed. Check your mail… Continue reading »

fix for spamd not starting in server

In some cases spamd wont start along with exim im in the server. Use the following commands to fix it:… Continue reading »

Spamd child process causing high server load

Sometimes, spamd child process for a particular user can cause high server load. This is a bug with spamassassin. To… Continue reading »

SMTP connection from USERNAME lost while reading message data

Got the following error when sending mails to my server from some remote server. “SMTP connection from USERNAME lost while… Continue reading »