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Handle persistent connections under SSL/TLS in MSIE

In order to handle persistent connections under SSL/TLS in MSIE[1-5] versions, add the following entry in ssl.conf file: SetEnvIf User-Agent… Continue reading »

Upgrade Openssl and Openssh

When you install openssh on a linux machine, use portable version. The version name will contain “p” in it. Eg:… Continue reading »

SSL + cpanel = 500 internal server error

If you are receiving 500 server error after installing an ssl cert and using https and your error logs in… Continue reading »

SSL encryption is required for access to this server

You will receive such message when you try to access WHM , CPanel or Webmail through non-secure ports such 2086,… Continue reading »

[ERROR] Sorry, but that file doesn’t exist: [/etc/ssl/private/pure-ftpd.pem]

While trying to restart FTP via WHm we are getting the error : ————- pure-authd (/usr/sbin/pure-authd -s /var/run/ftpd.sock -r /usr/sbin/pureauth)… Continue reading »