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Areca Raid Commands

1. Command to check the status of raid. CLI> rsf info # Name Disks TotalCap FreeCap DiskChannels State =============================================================================== 1… Continue reading »

Raid Controllers

Here we are dealing with the cli instalaltion of different Raid Controllers. You can check the controller of your server… Continue reading »

Smartctl check on megaraid controller

For I SCSI/SAS disks behind LSI MegaRAID controllers, the smartctl check syntax is given below. smartctl -a -d megaraid,N /dev/sda… Continue reading »

How to use smartctl command to check disk errors

Samrtctl is a useful tool in linux that is used to check the raid health. First find out the raid… Continue reading »

Adaptec hardware-based RAID Controller:

Adaptec command-line tool “ arcconf “ cd /usr/local/ysa/bin * To read the status of the hardware-based RAID ./arcconf GETCONFIG 1… Continue reading »

Update 3Ware Firmware

1,First you need to download the firmware for your RAID card from 2,Extract the firmare .zip file  that you… Continue reading »