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Fatal resource shortage: privvmpages, UB

Following message appears in /var/log/messages: Fatal resource shortage: privvmpages, UB 185096 The message means that some site was limited on memory…. Continue reading »

Switching Normal CloudLinux kernel to Hybrid Kernel

Switching to hybrid kernel: # /usr/sbin/normal-to-hybrid Then Enable boot once in the server. #echo “savedefault –default=0 –once” | grub –batch… Continue reading »

Apache errors in cloud linux environment.

[Sat Aug 18 11:24:43 2012] [error] [client] (12)Cannot allocate memory: couldn’t create child process: /opt/suphp/sbin/suphp for /home/test/public_html/ws/admin/index.php, referer:… Continue reading »