Monthly Archives: December 2012

Not possible to login to WHM as root user

If it is not possible to login to WHM as root user, it might be because the perl module SSLeay… Continue reading »

ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

Got the following error when trying to ssh to server from an IP Open the file /etc/hosts.deny # vi /etc/hosts.deny… Continue reading »

/etc/named.conf:1: open: /etc/rndc.key: permission denied

Problem :- If named services is failed to restart and in the logs (/var/log/messages) if you find following logs ==========================================================================… Continue reading »

[DB Error] MySQL has gone away, Database Upgrade Required

We have a client having wordpress installed on his site hosted on Linux server. He was facing a strange issue…. Continue reading »

“Service Status” in WHM not showing any services

If you have Linux cPanel/WHM server and you face the problem with the “Service Status” page in WHM.. Like all… Continue reading »

ZenCart Warning: Cannot modify header information

After installing Zencart you may receive a warning saying “Cannot modify header information headers already sent by……………..” in your zen… Continue reading »

WordPress preventing you from password protecting a directory?

You wish to password protect a subdirectory using the cPanel icon (or a .htpasswd file), but you have WordPress installed… Continue reading »

SSL + cpanel = 500 internal server error

If you are receiving 500 server error after installing an ssl cert and using https and your error logs in… Continue reading »

Problem logging in to Horde

If you face an issue where while logging to webmail client Horde, even after entering correct login details you get… Continue reading »

MySQL Table says IN USE, but table will not repair in phpmyadmin.

From time to time mysql corrupts itself. Under some situations however, no matter how many times you run a REPAIR… Continue reading »