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cPHulk Error while connecting to MySQL

cphulk Error while connecting to MySQL, cPHulk Mysql is currently disabled. To enable mysql go to: Service Manager, Error while… Continue reading »

cphulkd rejected registration attempt for webmaild

Webmail was rejecting logins and while checking cpanel error logs, got the following. ========= cphulkd rejected registration attempt for webmaild… Continue reading »

mod_xsendfile for Apache2/Apache2.2

1. Grab the source. wget –no-check-certificate 2. Extract file and enter the directory tar -zvxf mod_xsendfile-0.12.tar.gz cd mod_xsendfile-0.12 3…. Continue reading »

Redirect code from https to http?

Your can redirect all https (Secure) URL to http by using following code in .htaccess file. RewriteEngine on Options +FollowSymLinks… Continue reading »

Redirect loop and LimitInternalRecursion error message.

Most of the time we receive following redirect loop error message. Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects due… Continue reading »

Redirect via index file

For example we want to show to therefore create the index.html under the domain main document root… Continue reading »

Default htaccess file for CodeIgniter PHP framework

CodeIgniter is one of the PHP framework with small footprint and its not working properly like we are receiving the… Continue reading »

Stop .pl .cgi Script Execution From Browser

To secure the web content from the hacker by executing the .pl or .cgi script, we can refer to the… Continue reading »

Block traffic from single referrer

The traffic from the referrer is useful for sites rank and promotion but some time wrong referrer can cause the… Continue reading »

Hide port for Ruby rail application

Basically Ruby Rail application run on its own port therefore in the application, we have to use the respective application… Continue reading »