Monthly Archives: October 2014

Raid Controllers

Here we are dealing with the cli instalaltion of different Raid Controllers. You can check the controller of your server… Continue reading »

Formatting Ext4 volumes beyond the 16TB limit

We can use e2fsprogs utility to format drives having size more than 16 TB. Installation steps are as below: wget… Continue reading »

Find Inode Of a File

You can find inode of a file using the following command. ls -li filename ls -li test 3932172 -rw-r–r– 1… Continue reading »

Caching Modes in Flashcache

Flashcache supports writeback, writethrough and writearound caching modes. Writethrough – safest, all writes are cached to ssd but also written… Continue reading »

What is Flashcache?

Flash cache is used for the temporary storage of data on flash memory chips for request handling with greater speed…. Continue reading »